Portfolio of bespoke illustrations

Please grab a cup of tea... or a G&T and take a few minutes to view Helen's portfolio of bespoke illustrations, beautiful one off personalised commissioned pieces that have been created completely to the customers specifications, for any occasion, wedding, new home, special birthday, thank you gift, family emigrating, groom to bride gift, anniversaries and so much more.
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Best friends 40th Birthday, wild swimming, Iris, pick n mix, friends & family

Dads 70th birthday from daughters. Rugby, Bath, Policeman, BBQ's, grandchildren and athletics.
60th Wedding Anniversary gift to mum & dad. Lambretta, gardening, paella, fuchsias and knitting.
60th Wedding anniversary gift for mum & dad.
Groom to bride gift on wedding day. Peonies, sweet peas, bunting.

Bride to Groom anniversary gift. Murmuration song lyrics, wedding venue, family.
Wedding gift. Rockafella Christmas tree, sunglasses, Roebling suspension bridge #meetthebargers.
Friends 40th Birthday. Fairy Godmother, Memories, Friendship, rugby & travels.
Friends 30th Birthday. Spiderman, Afternoon tea, Brighton Pier, Cheese, Friends.
Wedding and life together. Wedding venue, invitation design, pet pup.
Mums birthday. Leopard print, grandchildrens words, lilies, Las Vegas, perfume.

Brothers wedding and life together. Dragonfly for memory, roast dinners, wedding venue, charity challenge.
Wedding Anniversary. Cricket, pup, drinking tea, movie nights, Autumn, meaningful words.
Family Emigrating. UK and American flags, pups, surfing, horse riding, camping.

Anniversary gift. Musicals, favourite board games, Christmas, daffodils, holidays, jokes, sports teams.

Teachers gift to pupils. Names of pupils, lessons, school logo, dates the pupils were in her tutor group, mascot.

Wedding Illustration - order of service. Cats, hot air balloons, Bristol, travels, music.

Save the date card. London and Autumn with wording added. 
Wife's gift to husband. Their life together. Sports teams, places they lived, pets.

Thank you gift to parents. Night sky, Northern lights, wedding venue, wedding car.

Anniversary Gift. Life together. One born every minute, Bristol, children's names, where they met.

Gift to parents. To depict two homes in different areas, one by the seaside and one in the countryside. Views, pier, dog, deckchairs, cooking, flowers.
Family gift. Beatles, London, Holidays, illustration to represent each person. Golf, flowers, knitting. 

Gift for sister. Rugby, Thatchers cider, Portishead, meaningful words, family.
Gift for nan. Falmouth, Wales, cruise ships, daffodils.
Wedding gift for bride and groom. Pier, wedding venue, blue hydrangeas, dates.

Sisters 50th Birthday. Pink gin, happy memories, dog, playing cars, family time, musicals, theatre.

Girlfriends 30th Birthday. Travelling, Disney, favourite places, memories, song lyrics.

Wedding gift to daughter and son in law. Films, sports clubs, games, drinks, homes, flags.

Gift for mum. Cooking, Collie, Lillies, guinea pigs, sewing, baking, walking.

Gift for bride and groom. Travels, trivial pursuit, save the children charity, love, games, sunflowers.

Mum's 60th Birthday. Runner, sunset, garden lover, birds.

Mum's 50th Birthday. Time team, daughters names, favourite game, memories, garden.

Wedding Anniversary. Pink flowers, venue, dates, sparkles and words.

Thank you gift. Musical instruments, sporting family, beautiful village, house, big tree.

Family Adventure. Move to Scotland, Thistles, house, adventure, words, love, following dreams.

Wedding Anniversary. Scuba diving, village life, card games, memories.

Dad's 60th. Motorbike, cricket, family time, sports clubs, Bristol rugby, trains.

Mum's Birthday. Religious verse, gardening, painting, flowers.

Little Girls Birthday. Butterflies, blue belles, caterpillar, flowers, birth date and name.