Bespoke Illustration Commissions

"I understand that ordering a bespoke commission is really exciting and can also be a big commitment, please take a few minutes to read through the below, hopefully this will answer any questions you may have and also provide you with confidence in placing your order. I am always more than happy to have a chat about your order , please feel free to contact me" - Helen
Dee Dee and Boo all started around Helen’s love of creating gifts for people that were totally unique and meaningful. It quickly led to people requesting one off pieces that then led to an ever-increasing portfolio of bespoke illustrations created for some very lovely people.
The commissions Helen has undertaken have ranged from wedding invitations, gift from the bride to the groom, celebration of life stories, wedding gifts, new homes, 30th birthday from best friends, anniversaries and so much more.
You will be commissioning a bespoke piece of art that allows you to provide Helen with the foundation of the design that will enable her to create a beautiful one-off illustration treasured for years to come.
“This has got to be the most privileged job I am ever given. I have laughed and cried with many of my customers over the phone and through messages; they have requested something completely heartfelt as a gift so have been incredibly open to me about the importance of the illustration and the recipient, this allows me to add as much emotion as I can to their piece. The illustrations have caused so many happy tears it absolutely fills my heart!
Helen can create either an A4 (8.3 x 11.7 in) or A3 (11.7 x 16.5) illustration, if you have a different size in mind please contact us. Your commission will arrive framed, to either yourself or the recipient. Helen is also able to add a gift tag with a handwritten message if required, in addition a message can also be included directly on to the illustration. We like to use chunky white wooden frames; these will be sent by courier. This is UK only, if you are from out of the UK please contact us and we will be able to provide you with a quote for delivery. If required we are also more than happy to send you a scanned file of your illustration in jpeg and pdf form.

This is where the fun starts...

Once you have secured your order for Helen to create a bespoke illustration for you, this is where the fun starts!... Helen has many years of experience creating these unique one-off pieces and has received many and varied requests. If you are already clear on how you would like your ideas brought to life then please send Helen all the details, please don’t ever feel that there is too much detail, the more the better, from the colour of flowers to the spots on a pets face, this is all about getting the detail perfect.

“Some suggestions I would give customers to encourage further detail to the illustration would be; Venues, homes, buildings, flowers, pets, favourite drinks, holiday destinations, memories, hobbies, films, foods, sayings, names, words or dates. I can always include a little illustration somewhere in the piece that may mean nothing to anyone except you and the recipient; that’s what makes it so special”
Helen will need as much detail as possible from you about the contents of your bespoke illustration. Depending on the individual illustrations you would like included, Helen will need good quality photos or saved images such as houses, buildings, venues, pets etc. 
“Often customers find it difficult to decide what should go into an illustration; I always suggest a great place to start is maybe a home, important venue or building. From here the ideas start to flow and they are endless – it’s those little things that make someone special a really special addition to an illustration, for example a group of friends got together to gift their friend an illustration for her 30th birthday and she loves cheese, spiderman and afternoon tea. All of this can be included in a bespoke piece that would be representative of the recipient and the finished piece is completely unique”
When you commission a bespoke illustration, you will be agreeing that the design will be created in Helen’s style, this will not be an exact copy of your image but Helen’s interpretation of the subject. 

When will the illustration be completed?...

From the time of placing your order and once all details have been sent, Helen will aim to complete the illustration within 2 – 3 weeks. If you have an urgent order or a specific date in mind, please contact us directly and we will be able to confirm a date with you. Helen’s bespoke illustrations have become very popular due to their heartfelt uniqueness, this means there may be times when ordering on line is temporarily unavailable due to Helen's availability being reduced, if you are unable to place your order please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Portfolio and Placing your order...