Delivering Happy Tears since 2012...

...I’m Helen, the face behind Dee Dee & Boo. 

I’m lucky enough to run Dee Dee & Boo high up on a hill by the seaside in Somerset, where I create heartfelt illustrated prints and bespoke art.

Dee Dee and Boo is all about Love, happiness and good vibes, capturing peoples truly individual amazing memories and life stories.

It absolutely fills my heart to hear how delighted people are when they receive a Dee Dee & Boo delivery.

Dee Dee and Boo’s mission is to send happy tears all over the world. 


Dee Dee & Boo... 

Named after Helen’s two little beauts, Dee Dee and Boo all started around Helen’s love of creating gifts for people that were totally unique and meaningful. It quickly led to people requesting one off pieces that then led to an ever-increasing portfolio of bespoke illustrations created for some very lovely people.

The commissions Helen has undertaken have ranged from wedding invitations, gift from the bride to the groom, celebration of life stories, wedding gifts, new homes, 30th birthday from best friends, anniversaries and so much more.

In addition to the bespoke illustration service, Dee Dee and Boo offers a very popular and ever increasing range of beautiful heartfelt prints. These are filled with individuality, can be personalised to your specifications and are a perfect gift to mark a special occasion or to order as a treat for yourself.