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Super Customer Feedback makes me smile :)

I love to hear I have such a happy customer.
The lovely Esther wanted something really unique to mark her and her husbands 20th wedding anniversary.

Since 20 years ago (serious achievement right there!) two had become three and then four with the addition of their gorgeous little dog Chalkie.


I always get a little nervous drawing animals, they have such amazing expressions and totally individual personalities so working from really clear photos is a must. I've met Chalkie so was really pleased with how his little illustration turned out and think it captured him pretty well.

Esther really wanted the illustration to be about them as a family, something that really resonated with how their life is, something they could display in their lounge that was an everlasting keepsake of this moment in time and what most importantly fills their hearts.

We discussed adding favourite times - cosy nights in for movie night with copious amounts of popcorn, hobbies - the whole family love cricket, long walks in the woods has now become a regular event since the addition of Chalkie so I represented their favourite season with Atutumnal leaves and to bring it all together Esther gave me meaningful words that signified their values.

I really enjoyed creating this, I now love drawing Autumn leaves and the amazing effects from my copic pens.

I'd love to wish them both a very happy anniversary today :)

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